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Know your Industry: Uncover the SDKs inside Mobile Apps

Scan any (free) Android app to reveal its SDKs.
Join us to get Full Visibility of the Mobile SDKs Industry!


  • Is SafeDK's database limited in any way?In one word - No. Even if you want to scan an app that we have never seen or scanned before, we will attempt to find it and scan it on the spot. Yes, that's right - especially for you.
  • Will I be charged for looking up the same app twice?Absolutely not. You are free to look again at any app you've previously scanned for. Results may change though, as app versions are updated in the store and their SDKs list might be updated accordingly.
  • How updated is SafeDK?SafeDK prides itself on staying current with the play store and all the hip new versions constantly coming out. If we don't show the latest app version just yet, then it's usually a matter of days before we're all up to date. If you need a new version scanned ASAP, you can always make new friends at