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Mobile Growth Automation Through A.I.

TapReason is an automatic in-app campaign management platform, that encourages the existing users to share the app, when they are at the proper state of mind.

TapReason does it by using automatic on-going optimization process, that learns the app's users, detects behavioral patterns and uses machine learning and statistical tools, to reach the specific user with an adjusted message, offering him to share the app to the most efficient social channel (that will generate more downloads).

  • Real-Time Personalization 
  • Adjustable UI 
  • Supporting multiple social channels 
  • In-App messages 
  • Content sharing 
  • Native look & feel

Measure your Viral Loop:

  • Conversion funnels 
  • Viral coefficient scoring 
  • Growth potential estimations 
  • Install attribution 
  • Event based analytics 
  • Invite tracking 
  • App store stats 
  • Data export and reporting

Autonomous Optimization:

  • Automatic triggers 
  • Social channel prioritization 
  • Hotspot detection 
  • Behavior patterns detection 
  • Advance user segmentation 
  • Experiment Studio

SDK for Android

  • Fetching all graphical assets from a CDN for improved performance around the globe 
  • Adding a new and improved install attribution system 
  • Reducing memory footprint

Required Permissions

  •  Internet
  •  Access_network_state


Example A

SDK for Apple

Example A

Selected Apps that use this SDK

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Sp3vjoew2mtvr7kysaayeoqagza0w9ubq axygsn2qfpkud81slfo3p0oyonqpgzvx34e2msu8u7wetz

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