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Monetize & Promote Your Apps

Match each user with the right ad unit at the right time, every time.

Main Features

-Rewarded Video
Users opt-in to watch branded videos in exchange for virtual currency or premium content

-Interstitial Ads
Deliver full-screen interstitials during non-intrusive breaks in the app and generate CPMs

-Rewarded Offerwalls
Present a variety of frictionless offers for your users to complete

-Full Control
One Dashboard. Utilize Supersonic's plug-n-play platform to manage your entire ad business in one place
SDK for Android
-Adding placements functionality, allowing publishers to set multiple rewards.

-Bundling SDKs and Adapters into one package which simplify the process of integration.

-Adding dependency management to the ad network's adapters as well.

Required Permissions

  •  Internet
  •  Access_network_state
  •  Write_external_storage

Optional Permissions

  •  Access_fine_location


Example A

SDK for Apple
-Adding HyprMX adapter.
-Bug fixes.


Selected Apps that use this SDK

Awejr6eqyebhijaamgwxm0kkohb ihllkt98 1hdl47uuxqhhdhyikteh8lmpqmky3odhse7vo6lqlj2

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Siyqjxuba3yukfb0u5sdqbtjer3k7 9bylz0a bn6ffzxik6ulrwfws1t4sh0ckbpwpmtpzkiixsoe73

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Parn3rw8cv9vzojw5y6drpmnhkjxgvldgz2r1kvuqxfduvmqh2qdibcrpqhlekctluexaiwzw oi5ibf

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D4bsl7 cvelbd5obduzhbbu2hpcrizwhdbu96xl djbosd3zjq1gdvn6tqlmahjnxgt8xqzdbitkmqfe

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Kr9 lqnpattozx3vw9nkhidv7tf5 pbuvxryize8 toj801wf2z3byjxpl5ra6jhpsicgfbsy9kxyuvq

Akinator the Genie FREE

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Great SDK

Works great, small, very fast. don't take a lot of resources. Great monetization SDK and awesome eCPMs!


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