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Branch links power your growth and marketing

Branch provides free deep linking technology for mobile app developers to gain and retain users. 

Deep Links - Durable deep links, taking the guesswork out of support across all deep linking standards (Universal Links, App Links, App Cards and more) and edge cases that even pass data through the app stores. 

Attribution - Click, install and re-open attribution at the link-level to measure exactly which users, content or marketing campaigns are driving growth and engagement. 

Cross Channel - Branch deep links can be easily integrated into any marketing channels while delivering an optimal user experience: social media, email campaigns, push, SEO, and paid search/SEM. 

Branded Links - Customize Branch links to your own domain for brand consistency or use the custom subdomain on Create beautiful links to drive high click-through rate.

SDK for Android

Using Thread Pool to execute Branch request in parallel to improve Branch API response time. Optimizations for performance improvements

Required Permissions

  •  Internet


Example A

SDK for Apple

Fabric Answers integration

Swift Testbed

Retry in poor network conditions

Fix for Facebook calling openUrl from within the app

Fix Fabric headers conflict

Simplify Carthage project

Fix framework headers visibility issue with BranchView


Example A

Selected Apps that use this SDK

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Moments Cartoon Caricature Cam

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Covet Fashion - Dress Up Game

Hogs3xqd08uix0achgycrpbotquqprelg6lht6s2hxonkqh qj5qh5ft4p3iy3 938rqbstyhnnhnvhj

Wishbone - Compare Anything

Shry5 n0prlsbqmsmaroskecg0zozx3ffuxi07eqkipux 6aks8rhtatpjquqjd0f0quyl vpsjljpgx

Moovz- The LGBT Social Network

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