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Mobile Engagement Solution

Accengage SDK allows you to track the execution and display of In-App and to handle Push notifications of your application.

The Accengage SDK is provided as an Android library that your project can reference to at compile-time.

Main Features

  • Push Notifications - Integrate push notifications
  • tracking 
  • In-App Notifications -  display inApp notifications
  • Inbox - Obtain messages and display them in your own template
    and update messages status on Accengage Servers (Read/Unread/Archived)
  • Geolocation

SDK for Android

  • Beacons (Geofence and beacons can now be used to triggers In-App and/or Local Notifications) 
  • Push Notifications with Buttons (like iOS Interactive Notifications) 
  • Amazon Cloud Messaging support and plugin (available soon) 
  • Multiple in-apps displays, advanced positionning and new lifecycle management 
  • In-App closing and updateDeviceInfo method are now available through URLs and SchemeURLs 
  • In-App Global and Session Timers support 
  • In-App Exclusions support 
  • External web services (Facebook for instance) are now cached and managed like internal's ones


Example A

SDK for Apple

  • Better management of the scheduled alarms range exclusions and a bug fix
  • Stability improvement


Example A

Selected Apps that use this SDK

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Libon - International calls

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Jumia Market: Sell & Buy

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Linio - Comprar en línea

Wpowx ustktohuye22jxpptygkv1l8ad5x7mrru7lniwjk7wdn6lexubv lnz44omncmgikjkqw2lfcu

La Redoute


Le – l'info en direct

J9b6eepjno45akflfaxixpk57b 2murfhz9iokzswqy87pjesp7qjveqclus9ewwklyiiiwoldw wd5l

Dafiti - Sua smartfashion

S5zyorociepa1hokcqx6bxybwrh1e7o8fueoe6wlikbf9 rihundsf6c0bxxjevxtizcb3z6vgwnm5ut

ZALORA Fashion Shopping

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