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Integrate Yahoo Search in your Apps

Easily add Yahoo Search results and ads to your apps -Add Yahoo search to your app to improve the in-app experience and capture monetizable moments. Capture more of the user experience - no more leaving your app and launching a browser to perform a quick search.
Make money on your queries - Mobile Search ads provide a simple way to monetize your mobile app without sacrificing user experience. Users see Search as a useful new feature instead of the addition of disruptive ads.

Main Features

Search-to-Link - In addition to adding search features to your app, the Search SDK allows your app’s users to search, select, and share web links, images, and videos.
Integrate ShortUrlUtils - The Search-To-Link experience will shorten the URL by default. This behavior can be enabled or disabled by calling the corresponding API on the SearchSDKSettings
Integrate In-App Search - The Yahoo Search SDK provides an activity that handles the whole search UI experience
Filter Image Results - You can filter results on the image vertical by size (small, medium, large, swuare, wide and tall) and dominant color (blue, red, green, black).
Show App and Contact Suggestions - In addition to keyword search suggestions, you can enable local suggestions for apps and contacts on your phone.
Show Trending Search Suggestions - SearchActivity shows trending sugggestions when the query field is empty or when the user clears the searchbar text. These suggestions are similar to the ones shown on the Yahoo home page.
Show Search History - In addition to trending suggestions, users will see search history when the query field is empty. Search history is enabled by default and shows a maximum of three history items.
SDK for Android
International Support. Now results local strings are translated!
Optionally include a vertical search with local points of interest. (en-US only).
Short URL service. Provide short-codes instead of long urls when users navigate to additional pages and seek to share or shave the link to the page.
Developer key status. If for any reason your developer key is revoked, you can hide entry points to search from your applications UI.
Customizable top margins.
Search initialization now receives a callback to inform you about your developer key status.
Stability improved
Search History bug fixes and improvements.

Required Permissions

  •  Internet
  •  Access_network_state

Optional Permissions

  •  Access_coarse_location
  •  Record_audio
  •  Read_contacts


Example A

SDK for Apple
Search-to-Link preview: Prior to sharing metadata with your app, Search SDK now previews web, image, and video search results with the user. This is enabled by default, but can be disabled if you want to define your own customized preview.
You can now add multiple tabs for custom search.
Improvements to trending suggestions.


Example A

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