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Efficient performance monitoring service

With MobiProbe you get customizable crash reports and logcat traces, in realtime that allows you to fix errors and bugs in less time. 

With a focus on performance benchmarks, MobiProbe follows a developer-centric approach to make app performance diagnostics simpler and more efficient.

Main Features

- Smart Filters - MobiProbe monitors your App for process breakdown. MobiProbe Dashboard allows you to apply smart filters to analyse usage and performance patterns.

- Enterprise grade tools - Quality development tools available for all. MobiProbe suite offers full range Application Performance Monitoring tool kit for everyone.

- Efficient - No properties to set , no tags to add. Add a single line of code and trace all run time crashes. MobiProbe also monitors crashes while your user's device is offline with all reports delivered to your inbox whenever the app runs with network access.

- Lightweight and Smart - At 15Kb MobiProbe SDK is the very lightweight. With each crash dispatch payload being 2KB , you can use MobiProbe without any memory or network worries. MobiProbe App Dashboad provides you smart filters to effectively analyze your bug report data. Identify patterns across devices , error causes, OS versions , app versions and lot more. 

- Manage your team - Add people to your master Address Book at MobiProbe ,  add and remove crash report recipients for a particular app by a single click.

SDK for Android

Required Permissions

  •  Internet
  •  Access_wifi_state


Example A

Example B

SDK for Apple

Example A

Selected Apps that use this SDK

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Bizom 2

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cimplifyED Teacher

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Eye Specialist Practitioners

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