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VXG Player SDK – #1 Mobile Video Solution

VXG Mobile Video Player SDK is designed to help developers create value with video.

With a wide range of features and powerful tools you’ll quickly expand your audience, generate revenue, and create more effective digital communications.

Main Features

- All major network formats: RTSP, RTMP, HLS, HTTP, HTTPS, MMS, UDP and more. 

- All major file formats: MOV, MP4, AVI, FLV and more.

- Popular playlists: M3U, XSPF, XML. Automatically builds UI with names and snapshots!

- Possible screen modes: Single and multiple embedded screens, full screen, digital zoom, position and aspect.

- Multi-channel playback: Multi-channel playback, smart QoS, video only and key frames only playback.

- Smart thumbnails: Automatically extracts “main frame” from Live streams and video files.

- HLS replay and seek: Similar to functionality on a standard iOS player.

- Tunnelling: RTSP tunnelling over HTTP and HTTPS.

- Encrypted streams playback: Support of various encrypted formats.

- Recording: Recording of streams to the local storage

- Hardware and software decoders: Utilizes hardware decoder where possible, optimized for various platforms.

- Video preview: Multiple channels , Key-frame preview mode, no audio mode, PIP and preview.

- Very low latency: CCTV mode optimized for use with RTSP.

SDK for Android

- Added ONVIF support . URL Format: onvif:// http:// + onvif/deviceservice https:// + onvif/deviceservice

- Added API interface to control PTZ over ONVIF PTZContinuousMove, PTZRelativeMove, PTZAbsoluteMove, PTZZoom, PTZStop, PTZPreset

- Added event: ONVIFPTZIS_SUPPORTED is raised if there is PTZ support in camera capabilities

- Added speed control for RTSP : setRtspPlaybackScale. "Scale:" header is added in PLAY command.

- Added change position for rtsplib network source

- Added draw object over video functionality

- Added support of H.265 in RTSP source

- Added function setRtspPlaybackScale . This function is used to change rate on RTSP camera during playback

- Xamarin MediaPlayer sample added.

- AudioBackward API added test app MediaPlayerSDKTest_AudioBackward added

- Samples built with targetAPI = 26.

- CloudPlayerView, CloudPlayerViewConfig added.

- Added support platforms armeabi, armeabi-v7a, x86, arm64-v8a

- CloudSDK. CloudPlayerView added, see streamland_player sample.


SDK for Apple

- Moved to openssl 1.1.1a for playing WebRTC over https 

- Added draw-object over video functionality

- SetRange-mode implemented (for play short parts of timeline as clip);

- Additional ability with Cloud: upload/download/delete images/videosegments/events;

- Additional calbacks: CloudPlayer: sourceChanged, sourceUnreachable, sourceOffline; CloudPlayerSDKView: OnConnected, onError, OnTrial;

- Expanded address entry restrictions for rtmp stream to rtmpe:// rtmps://

- Decreased memory usage (especially for 4K video) (r4363)

- Added check for 4K HW decoder support. (r4360)

- Changed the state and callbacks of RtspTransfer

- Possibility to check/prevent load ffmpeg-library by variable VXGCaptureSDKffmpeg_inited

- RtspTransfer callbacks implemented

- MuteMicrophone function implemented


Selected Apps that use this SDK

Silncdl lwsfllbkex3pp9qumsd6gmuvrzbfoin7fpa92cjq21ffmvi8tyaodbz581pjzuedrscfxxfs

Streamago - Live Video Selfies

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VXG RTSP Player (IP Camera)

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Mpmjuqjt5sd98 jb8uwyvpktg4fdeasbaupe2g05eegqiwchpx5eoumnitmyzi2oxadnfjqqfmatzj76

NOON VR – 360 video player

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Samsung Connect

Dxdkosoxivpolpuycc1iku7drznwzcmxt0ioiqkhl7zmh2qioluxyg1tdm8i6oy8nu89n0xeyj hcu52

SmartThings Mobile

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Bosch Smart Home

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