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Monetize all of your impressions

AdStir can easily be setup, and it is a highly functioning monetizing system.
It also reduces manual labor dramtically.

Main Features

  • Compatible with more than 30 networks all over the world - AdStir helps you to uni-manage all major japanese and international networks so that you can find the best ad network combination. 
  • Compatible with Java script's ads- AdStir's compability with Java Script allows you to use networks which accept only Java Script tags. 
  • Combination of SDK and Javascript's ads - By implementing Java script-based ad within your app SDK, you can use ad networks for apps that are compatible only to Java script.
  • Right ad to right user - Based on language information from a user's devise, AdStir automatically finds and sends an applicable language ad. 
  • Bidding from all over the world through RTB. - Owing to our unique RTB system, our clients from all over the world can bid your media, the bidder offering the highest price places an ad on your media. This dramatically improves media's revenue model. 
  • Payment - Payment can be accepted through either bank account or PayPal. Therefore, regardless of who&where you are, you can receive money.

SDK for Android

Required Permissions

  •  Internet
  •  Access_network_state


SDK for Apple

Selected Apps that use this SDK

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Cache Clear -Auto Clean-

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Silent Camera Hi-Speed&Quality

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icon&wallpaper dressup❤CocoPPa


Fingers Versus Knife

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Survive! Mola mola!

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prepics 15,000,000pics byGMO

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Optimization Box -Clean Master

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