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Mobile app analytics you don’t need to analyze.

Part of Twitter Fabric, Answers is real-time mobile analytics that you don't need to analyze. It was created to make understanding your user base incredibly simple.

With Audience Insights, you’ll be able to quickly gather in-depth data on who is using your app and what makes your user base different. Being able to market or tailor product experiences towards different users is the key to building the best app possible and growing your user base.

Answers has a set of core events and actions that a majority of developers want to track: Purchase, Add to Cart, Start Checkout,  Content View, Search, Share, Rated Content, Sign Up, Log in, Invite, Log in, Invite. These events are all built-in to the dashboard with specialized reporting, so you can start tracking events important to you right away and understand exactly how users are behaving within your app in real time. 

Answers proactively suggest values that may be important to you. It also accepts both numeric and string attributes and will automatically tailor the reporting based on your choice.

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Audrey Troutt30 Sep, 2016Report offensive

Perfect solution for developer analytics

I use answers for what I call "developer analytics" this is user behavior analytics that isn't intended for the marketing or design teams--I use this to keep tabs on information that I need to know to make better decisions as an app developer. I don't need sophisticated user profiles and I don't need complex reports--I just need to see whether my new feature is being used and if so, how. Sometimes I log error states that aren't really well suited for crashlytics logs. I use this because it is dead simple, gives me everything I need, and IT'S FREE.


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