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With this SDK, you can import data on your application into Treasure Data. In that case, you don’t need to build servers.

Treasure Data is the first cloud service for the entire data pipeline, including acquisition, storage, and analysis. We manage and support the entire infrastructure so you can focus on analyzing data and using data results to move your business forward.

Main Features

- Add the event that occurs in the application (buffering at the client side)

- Upload the buffered events to TD (To avoid the data loss, the buffered data is cleared only when the upload is success.)(uploadEvents/uploadEventsWithCallback)

- Register which of the Callbacks to call, depending on the success or failure of the operation(Event adding or Uploading)(addEventWithCallback/uploadEventsWithCallback)

- The SDK generate unique ID for each device. Since this ID is added to each event automatically, it makes aggregating each device’s data easy.(enableAutoAppendUniqId/disableAutoAppendUniqId, default:disable)

- Add OS version or device model information to each event automatically.(enableAutoAppendModelInformation/disableAutoAppendModelInformation, default:disable)

- The SDK generate session id for each session initiation/termination. Since the session id is added to each event automatically, you can aggregate per a sequence of events occurred in application.(startSession/endSession)

- Detect the first running of applications, since SDK monitors whether applications were running or not.(isFirstRun/clearFirstRun)

- Prevent data duplication even if you update multiple times by executing de-duplication at server side. (Currently, executing de-duplication every day)

SDK for Android

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SDK for Apple

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