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Screen share, remote control and remote access for mobile applications is an extension for your mobile application that allows to securely share a screen of a mobile app and control it remotely using your mouse and keyboard. That is useful for e.g. remote support of the mobile app users or remote management of the Android device.

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Main Features

Share screen of the application and on the Android the device

Remotely support your users of your app as if you were using it on your smartphone or tablet.

See what your users see and point them in the right direction.

Remote control of the application, use mouse and keyboard to control the app remotely.

Highly secure - built by cybersecurity experts.

Remotely shared screen is displayed via web browser.

Easy integration into other tools such as CRMs.

SDK for Android

Content of the release:

- Update to OpenSSL 1.0.2l 25 May 2017

- Update to a SeaCat C-Core client for Android v1706-beta.1

- Add explicit reset() method for smooth identity resetting

- Add getters for various client handles: getClientTag(), getClientId() and getState()

- Refactor of the Custom ID implementation

- Refactor of few public method names

- Characteristics (ex capabilities) are re-submitted after client identity reset

- Various bug fixes

Selected Apps that use this SDK

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O2 eKasa

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Meeting Room Booking System

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