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mobile push notification platform

Appoxee enables developers to build and drive push notifications that serve as reminders to complete checkout through an app, download an update, or finish another task. 

Main Features

  • Long Push Message - Push messages can spread over a few lines. 
  • Rich Push Messages - You can now send Rich push messages to users with an operating system higher than 4.0.
    You can define the payload for the rich push as an extra field in addition to the regular message that will be presented to devices that do not support the rich push.
  • Custom Fields - You can set custom fields on users, and add more information in Appoxee on each and every device .
  • Dynamic Text Messages - Dynamic text push messages can be sent to each of your users with personalised and relevant content. In the same way you create emails with merge fields in leading email marketing automation platforms, you can do the same with your push messages through Appoxee.​​
  • Push Open the Play Store - Configure a push message to open the Play store on a specific app for cross promotion
  • Push Open to URL scheme (Deep Link) - ability to define a URL (if the app supports URL scheme) within the app will open when user opens the app from a push message
  • Opt In/Out Support - Configure opt out from push and inbox. It enables you to create a “configuration screen” within the app to let users control these notification settings
  •   Callback Capability - Callback operation that is called when the SDK has finished initialising. This capability can be used to set information such as alias, tags and custom fields on each activation or on first activation.

SDK for Android

Optional Permissions

  •  Internet
  •  Wake_lock
  •  Get_accounts
  •  C2dm_receive


SDK for Apple

Selected Apps that use this SDK

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Pocoyo TV - Free

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