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Type-safe HTTP client

Type-safe HTTP client for Android - Retrofit is an open source library which simplifies HTTP communication by turning remote APIs into declarative, type-safe interfaces.

Methods declared on an interface represent a single remote API endpoint. Annotations describe how the method maps to an HTTP request.

SDK for Android

  • Using a response type of Void (e.g., Call<Void>) will ignore and discard the response body. This can be used when there will be no response body (such as in a 201 response) or whenever the body is not needed. @Head requests are now forced to use this as their response type. 
  • validateEagerly() method on Retrofit.Builder will verify the correctness of all service methods on calls to create() instead of lazily validating on first use. 
  • Converter is now parameterized over both 'from' and 'to' types with a single convert method. Converter.Factory is now an abstract class and has factory methods for both request body and response body. 
  • Converter.Factory and CallAdapter.Factory now receive the method annotations when being created for a return/response type and the parameter annotations when being created for a parameter type. 
  • callAdapter() method on Retrofit allows querying a CallAdapter for a given type. The nextCallAdapter() method allows delegating to another CallAdapter from within a CallAdapter.Factory. This is useful for composing call adapters to incrementally build up behavior. 
  • requestConverter() and responseConverter() methods on Retrofit allow querying a Converter for a given type. 
  • onResponse method in Callback now receives the Retrofit instance. Combined with the responseConverter() method on Retrofit, this provides a way of deserializing an error body on Response. See the DeserializeErrorBody sample for an example.


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