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Configurable user consent SDK for iOS and Android

Getting explicit user consent with gathering analytics data in an app, or with processing the user’s personal data, is an important part of establishing user trust and seamless user experience.

It is also an obligation of an app developer stated in App Store Guidelines (2.5.14 and 5.1.2), necessary to fulfill to get your app approved for distribution.

Per the guidelines, if an app uses a 3rd party tool for analytics, it is the sole responsibility of the app developer, not of the 3rd party tool provider, to verify that the analytics tool does not register events in the app without user explicit consent.

Since implementing the consent goes beyond core functionality and the intended design of the app, it is likely that this consent necessity will bring further annoyances, impact time and disrupt existing developing processes. 

We developed SDK that facilitates user consent for analytics SDK and store the preferences in the app. 

Main Features

The SmartlookConsentSDK:

- provides a configurable control panel where user can select their privacy options 

- stores the selected user preferences for the app

- enables all texts to be fully localized

- enables linking to privacy policies which may be provided by an external web page and presenting them without leaving the app

SDK for Android
SDK for Apple

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