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Smartlook is a qualitative analytics solution for iOS and Android apps

Smartlook is a qualitative analytics solution for iOS, Android, and React Native apps that answers the "whys" behind your users' actions. 

Want to understand how people interact with your app? 

Watch recordings of every user, and you'll see exactly what they see, down to the same resolution. Track any events within your app, from tapping a button to starting a new level. Build conversion funnels and find out where most of your users are leaving your app (and see exactly what they did before they left). Armed with this data, you can start making your app even better.

Smartlook can record Unity games and is already doing so for clients. The SDK doesn’t slow down your app because it only takes one screenshot per second, and the install is quick, so you’ll be up and running in no time. 

Main Features

User Recordings for Your App

Eliminate the uncertainty of your in-app experience and get answers from real recordings about the who, what, how, and why. Smartlook records and tracks your users’ actions, giving you the power to understand your app the way your users do. 

User Identification

Get to know your users and identify their recordings, or get any other data you need to know with our API. All the better for learning the motivations behind user behaviour.

Customer Journey

Interested in your visitor’s journey from start to finish? All recordings from a user are grouped in one place, from the moment they visit your app to when they leave it. Start working with complete context today.

Automatic Event Tracking

Ready for intuitive event management? With our Event Manager, all events are tracked automatically from the moment you add the SDK to your app. All events (even the ones you haven’t realized you’ll need yet) get tracked. No waiting for data. No devs required.

Conversion Funnels

Build conversion funnels out of your events, and see what the drop-off is between steps. What’s more — play recordings of the users that churned. No more guesswork. You can see what actual people did right before they quit your app.

Advanced Filters

Too many recordings? Advanced mobile app filters make your job a breeze. From geolocation to where they clicked to device, filters help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Easy-to-share Data

Find something awesome? Or find a bug? Share recordings with your team and save its time that would be otherwise spend on time-consuming bug reproduction.

SDK for Android


  • Possibility to set desired FPS in init methods
  • Possibility to init SDK in the middle of the app lifecycle
  • Automatic detection of activity/fragment/dialog lifecycle + duration metrics
  • Fix of session length
  • Better detection that keyboard is active
  • Alpha functionality for form analytics -> You can now see which input was somehow problematic for the user to fill in
  • Fix of several stability issues

Changelog and issue tracker here:


SDK for Apple


  • Optimized sensitive views overlays with respect to the device rotation and CPU load.

Change log & issue tracker here:


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