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Fingerprint recognition features in your application

Pass SDK allows you to use fingerprint recognition features in your application. With Pass SDK, you can provide reinforced security, since you can identify whether the current user actually is the authentic owner of the device.

Main Features

- Requesting Fingerprint Recognition
- You can use a default or customized user interface (UI) for fingerprint recognition. Pass SDK also provides fingerprint recognition without a UI. The fingerprint recognition UI is available with or without a Password button. With the Password button, the user has the option of providing identification using a device password instead of a fingerprint. 

- Cancelling Fingerprint Recognition Requests - When fingerprint recognition is requested, the fingerprint sensor waits for the user input to read a fingerprint. If no fingerprint is read within 20 seconds, the request is automatically cancelled. Your application can also cancel the request directly before the 20 seconds are up. If the fingerprint recognition process is not required, cancel the request to save the devices battery. 

- Checking for Registered Fingerprints on the Device - You can verify whether registered fingerprints exist on the device. If there are no registered fingerprints, you can register new fingerprints. 

- Registering Fingerprints - If there are no fingerprints registered in the device, you can use Pass to prompt the user to jump to the Enroll screen where a fingerprint can be registered. 

- Getting the Index of the Identified Fingerprint - If fingerprint recognition is successful, you can get the index of the identified fingerprint from an array of registered fingerprint. 

- Getting a List of Indexes and Names of Registered Fingerprints - You can get a list of registered fingerprints on the device including their indexes and names. 

- Getting a List of Indexes and Unique IDs of Registered Fingerprints - You can get a list of registered fingerprints on the device including their indexes and unique IDs. 

- Setting a Specific Fingerprint for Recognition - You can tell Pass to check against only one of the registered fingerprints by using its index. If you haven't specified any indexes or if this is set to 'null', the API automatically checks for a match against all registered fingerprints. 

- Adding a Title on the UI - You can add a custom title on the identification dialog. 

- Adding a Logo Icon on the UI  - Pass allows you to set a logo. This logo would appear at the bottom left corner of the user interface. 

- Setting the Transparency of Background Elements  - You can set a value that can make background elements transparent. 

- Setting Dialog Behavior when Background Elements Are Touched  - If you choose to set this value to true, the user interface would close when a user touches background elements.


- Devices with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean (API level 17) or above 

- Requires Fingerprint sensor (Only supported by device with Fingerprint sensor)

SDK for Android

Samsung Pass SDK 1.1.4 has been released with enhanced stability and better performance.


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