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Maximize the monetization of your apps

- Maximize the monetization of your app inventory -  Access Rubicon Project’s extensive network of advertising brands and effective optimization tools

- Manage all of your mobile campaigns in one place -  Manage your direct-sold campaigns, as well as monetize your unfilled inventory through Rubicon Project’s network, all in one place. It is a full featured and scalable ad serving solution.

- Easy integration -  The SDK provides a quick and easy way to integrate your apps with Rubicon Project’s network and allows you to start monetizing your inventory immediately.

Main Features

- Handling device orientation changes - The default behavior for android activities is to recreate views on orientation change. You can skip this step if that’s the desired behavior for your application.

- Targeting - To improve the applicability of ads rendered to your application, you may provide optional targeting information with each ad request. Targeting in the REVV for Mobile SDK is enabled by a set of optional key-value pairs

- User Location - Sending user location to Revv for Mobile will serve more relevant and better-targeted ads to your application’s users.

- Hardware Acceleration (optional)
- This optional RFMAdRequest method allows the application to enable/disable HW Acceleration on the RFM Ad WebViews.

Interstitial Ads - Publishers have a choice to configure full screen or fixed size interstitials.

- Cached Interstitial Ads - Capability for requesting interstitial ads from RFM that can be cached or preloaded before publisher can display.Publishers can request such ads and display them at opportune time, as the ad is being read from cache it will be displayed without any latency.

- Video Ads (VAST 2.0) - Publishers have the choice to play back VAST Video ads along side their video content or just play back the video ad itself.

SDK for Android

  • Ad Quality Control: SDK will block attempts by malicious creatives to redirect users outside the app without user interaction. 
  • Improved UX for video ads 
  • Added optional APIs to set debug log levels. Logging is disabled by default. 

Required Permissions

  •  Internet
  •  Access_network_state
  •  Write_external_storage


Example A

SDK for Apple

MRAID 2.0 support: SDK is now fully compliant with MRAID 2.0 specification, verified using IAB MRAID v2 creatives. Added support for orientation lock and viewability.


Example A

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