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<PLEASE NOTE Simple Facebook has officially been shut down in Oct, 2016>

Simple Facebook SDK for Android which wraps original Facebook SDK.

This is a library project which makes the life much easier by coding less code for being able to login, publish feeds and open graph stories, invite friends and more.

Main Features

- Based on latest Facebook SDK and Graph API.

- Supports oldest Graph API versions.

- Permission strings are predefined.

- No need to use LoginButton view for being able to login/logout. You can use any View.

- No need to care for correct login with READ and PUBLISH permissions. Just mention the permissions you need and this library will care for the rest.

- Open graph support

SDK for Android

  • Added get one album by id 
  • Added get one comment by id 
  • Removed get checkins since it isn't supported anymore by facebook 
  • Added publish comment as text or as image url 
  • Added publish like 
  • Added publish of photo or photos (up to 6) with dialog 
  • Added publish of open graph stories with dialog 
  • Added support for user-owned open graph stories 
  • Fixed, now, it is possible to publish with dialog without being logged in and without asking for any permissions.


Example A

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