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Deploy code-level changes to native iOS apps, without waiting on the App Store.

Rollout’s revolutionary SDK lets you react to production issues or modify your app in real time. And you don’t need to modify any existing code in advance. Whether it’s a bug you just discovered, a feature you want to toggle, or something else.

Main Features

- Fix bugs as they happen - Rollout lets you fix live bugs by deploying real-time patches to live apps. Best of all, you won’t have to wait for the app store review — your users will have access to a working app, in minutes.

- Dynamic debugging, logging, and diagnosis - A groundbreaking approach for root cause analysis, dynamic debugging with Rollout lets you instantly add logs to your app in production, using any logging mechanism you choose. You can also dynamically define the segment of users you want to log and under what conditions.

- Update your configuration data, any time - Release a new feature and realize it doesn’t work quite as intended, or you’re getting negative user feedback? Using Rollout, you can also instantly update any value in your app, like updating the difficulty level of your game. You can also create variables that toggle features on or off.

- Get better data from your app (and how people are using it) - Why wait until your next release cycle just to add analytics tracking? Now, you can add or modify analytics events on the fly. You can use that data to help diagnose your app, or add tracking for the marketing team, so they’ll have the data they want and leave you to your coding.

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