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Easily add essential functionality to your app, and
leverage sophisticated data to get, know and keep users.

Get new users: 

  • Referral Program - We help drive organic growth through refer-a-friend functionality, which enables and incentivizes your users to share the app with their contacts and friends. 
  • Share your app - We can ignite your app content, and leverage it to acquire new app downloads, by enabling social sharing. 
  • Deep links - we help easily convert mobile web users into app downloads, and track performance and attribution for your marketing dollars.

Know your users:

  • Users - We give you easy solutions to acquire, otherwise difficult information, about your users so that you can use to generate smart segments based on properties and demographics. No more pulling complicated queries, we make everything easily available to all portal users in your organization. 
  • Analytics - Track all events and in-app behaviors of users that you can utilize to create user segments and effectively engage or reward them using ROKO Push and ROKO Promo.

Keep your users:

  • Push - Engage your users by communicating your message directly to their device. Track open rates and engagement conversions to learn what messages your users are responding to. 
  • Promo - Incentivize your users to accomplish tasks in your app and for reward them for their loyalty. 
  • Rather than using a blanket approach, which we all know often alienates some users, target and automate your marketing and messaging campaigns to specific user segments.

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