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A robust, powerful, and very simple ORM android database library with annotation processing.

The library is built on speed, performance, and approachability. It not only eliminates most boiler-plate code for dealing with databases, but also provides a powerful and simple API to manage interactions.

DBFlow is built from a collection of the best features of many database libraries in the most efficient way possible. Also, it is built to not only make it significantly easier to deal with databases on Android, but also to provide extensibility.

Main Features

- Extensibility: No restrictions on inheritance of your table classes. They can be plain POJOs, no subclass required, but as a convenience we recommend using BaseModel. 

- Speed: Built with java's annotation processing code generation, there's almost zero runtime performance hit by using this library (only reflection is creation of the main, generated database module's constructor).

- SQLite Query Flow: The queries in this library adhere as closely as possible to SQLite native queries. 

- Open Source: This library is fully open source and contributions are not only welcomed, but encouraged.

- Robust: We support Trigger, ModelView, Index, Migration, built-in ways to manage database access, and many more features.

- Multiple Databases, Multiple Modules: we seamlessly support multiple database files, database modules using DBFlow in other dependencies, simultaneously.

- Built On SQLite: SQLite is the most widely used database engine in world and using it as your base, you are not tied to a limited set of platforms or libraries.

SDK for Android

  • Rewrote most tests in full Kotlin 
  • Some bug fixes 
  • Update to 1.5.0-2 of Kotlin 
  • Update to compile with API 25 + 2.2.3 of Gradle plugin 
  • Simplified ForeignKeyReference annotation when specifying it in the @ForeignKey. Removed : columnType(), referencedFieldIsPrivate(), referencedFieldIsPackagePrivate(), referencedGetterName(), and referencedSetterName() since we already were grabbing the referenced definition in the processor. This will eliminate need for those fields and should make simple headaches go away! 
  • If DB gets closed, we reopen it next time we use it in the lib. 
  • Add Selection args to StringQuery 
  • Fixed an issue where multiple modules may have been broken.


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