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Dead Simple Proximity for Mobile Apps

Proximity Kit is being used by large and small companies to help manage proximity inside their mobile apps.
Proximity Kit keeps your apps up to date and will automatically register locations and beacons with iOS and Android.
Beacons and Geofences made easy. Proximity kit makes location aware apps straightforward.

Main Features

Configure Geofences and Beacons in the Web Portal
Configure and manage your Geofences and Beacons in our simple web portal. This is where you setup your kit, normally one kit per app, and set the region attributes. 

 Mobile SDK Syncs with Mobile Device
When the app starts up the Proximity Kit Manager, it will sync with our backend. As that happens the SDK will register each region to monitor. Your region data and configuration is cached and can be updated in the background.

 Device Monitors for Proximity Events
When your app is in the background, we'll monitor for proximity events, even after the user restarts their phone. When your app is in the foreground, Proximity Kit will provide detailed information about the Beacons or GPS coordinates around it.
SDK for Android
Enhancements: Add ProximityKitManager#setPartnerIdentifier(String) and ProximityKitManager#clearPartnerIdentifier() to the public API. Allowing the configuration of an additional custom identifier which is attached to analytic events.

Required Permissions

  •  Internet
  •  Access_network_state
  •  Access_fine_location
  •  Bluetooth


Example A

SDK for Apple
Enhancements: Add ua_persistent_tags to the Urban Airship via Meta Data Attributes


Example A

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