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Campaign Kit allows users to deliver targeted campaigns to mobile devices within proximity of any place. It allows delivery of media rich content to mobile devices in proximity to a specific beacon, beacon region, or a geofence without hassle and with minimum effort.

Main Features

Campaigns - the packaging of the content, including textual and media assets, that will be offered in the places associated to your campaign.
The components comprising a campaign are modular, allowing for the underlying places and content resources of a campaign to be edited without having to edit the actual campaign. This modularity allows for fantastic reuse of previously defined resources, enabling rapid creation and swift delivery of your campaign to all of your target audience.
Campaigns are available during the start and stop times defined in a campaign when active.

Places- define which locations, when in proximity, will trigger your campaigns to be rendered to your mobile audience. When you create a campaign it can be connected to any of your defined places.
When you choose a place to associate with a campaign, you are selecting a hierarchy of places to associate. The interface allows you to define such a hierarchy of places.

Content - collection of textual and media assets that are available to be attached to campaigns and presented to the user based on the behavior defined by the campaign event logic.
Content allows you to define a rich HTML-based layout incorporating your media to deliver a fully engaging experience in your campaign. Content allows you the flexibility to present your campaign as a lightweight mobile notification or as a full rich textual and media view rendered in the mobile application.
Media assets may consist of images, audio, or video. The content can be created and managed independently from the campaign. Existing content can be reused in a new campaign or updated for use in new campaigns.
SDK for Android
Set found at Place prior to calling CampaignKitNotifier#didFindCampaign
Update local campaign cache with trigger distance on sync
Improve recalculating local campaign cache recurrence times on sync
Synchronize persistence of local cache
Improve local campaign cache persistence frequency including saving on CampaignKitManager#stop
Improve handling of local cache persistence on failed syncs

Required Permissions

  •  Internet
  •  Access_network_state
  •  Access_fine_location


Example A

SDK for Apple
Enhancements: Add integration with Urban Airship


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