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Mobile App Security Tool

Quixxi, is an app security provider, with secure coding and configuration practices, Quixxi Security Scan assesses applications, so you understand what vulnerabilities exist, allowing developers to improve their app. Quixxi Security Shield implements a secure encryption layer around the functional aspects of the code so no hacker or malware can access them or the data they handle.

So, while your applications work as intended, your app becomes less impervious to attacks by even the most committed of attackers. Quixxi even performs a security assessment of the security status of the mobile device, including scanning the device for Malware – from inside your shielded App. 

Main Features

Mobile app Scan:

Quixxi Automated Vulnerability Assessment provides a detailed analysis of your app from a security perspective, reporting each detected vulnerability with a  description, an explanation of the risks associated with and recommendations for fixing the vulnerability. This information proves to be a useful resource to identify critical issues before your app is released to production. 

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Quixxi Shield:

Quixxi Shield provides codeless protection against hackers looking to clone, tamper, inject malicious code, or in general exploit your mobile app. A simple drag and drop feature for both Android and iOS apps is all you need, to apply a  sophisticated set of security layers, for quick and easy protection. 

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Quixxi Supervise: 

Quixxi Supervise rounds out the Shield action. The Quixxi Licensing SDK will list out all illegal users and forbid them from using your app. It lets you send them to push notifications to try and convert them into paying customers. Analytics SDK will provide your user's insights and custom events to follow up and understand the app dynamics after it gets published. Diagnostics will help you fix your app taking details and debug files directly from the user who experienced the issue. 

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SDK for Android

Required Permissions

  •  Access_network_state


SDK for Apple

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Giuseppe Porcelli21 Oct, 2016Report offensive

Security tool

I found this tool really good and avoid me to build my own security model


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