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Simplified payment solutions - Build to deliver an awesome customer experience.

Auto OTP read and fill - The Custom mobile browser makes data entry really simple on the bank's pages. What's more, on Android, we can also auto read the OTP from the user's SMS app and fill it in.

Magic Retry - Long gone are drops due to poor network. We pick up the transaction wherever it had dropped due to poor network and finish it. 

White labelled card Vault - To store your customer’s card data and make those repeat transactions a breeze.

CVV less flow - The patent filed innovation which removes the need for entering CVV. 

OneTap payments - All our technologies together, make one tap possible on Android.

Main Features

Conversion Rates - Dynamic switching, intelligent retry, mobile browser and many more cutting edge features to increase your conversion rates by over 12% 

Payment Options - Accept all payment modes including 45+ Net-banking, 8+ bank EMI's, 6 Wallets, Amex, Rupay, International Cards and more. 

SDK for Android

  • Removed allowedBackup=true from manifest file 
  • Memory optimizations


Example A

SDK for Apple

  •  CC/DC Flow with Master/Visa/Maestro/Amex/Rupay etc. 
  • Net Banking flow 
  • Stored card flow - Store, delete, transact via stored cards 
  • Offer API integrated. 
  • VAS feature is working fine. for NB, CCDC, Stored Card.


Selected Apps that use this SDK

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Craftsvilla - Online Shopping

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FAASOS - Order Food Online

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HealthifyMe Weight Loss Coach

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Nykaa - Beauty Shopping App

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