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Ad Serving for App Developers

complete mobile ad serving solution to grow your bottom line, whatever your mobile focus. Our proven total revenue management platform readily scales with your business. With our mobile solution, you’ll get powerful ad management, optimization and reporting capabilities, and drive revenue by connecting to the world’s largest mobile ad exchange.

Traffic and serve all types of mobile ads
Easily place image, HTML, and rich media campaigns on phones and tablets. At-a-glance ad stats on every screen save you from digging through reports to get performance data. 

Reach the right audience with advanced targeting - Identify, target, and track users across apps and mobile web with AdTruth integration. Target by app, ad unit, ad size, geographic location, device OS, carrier, or other custom value. (Through patented device recognition technology, AdTruth maintains user anonymity while collecting the intelligence to drive performance and reach target users.) 

Monetize inventory through our global ad exchange  - Leverage thousands of RTB buyers and ensure price and brand protection with advanced filters. Auto-detection of Android and iOS device identifiers help buyers target mobile inventory. 

Monitor performance to keep campaigns on track - Access a real-time dashboard to see advanced analytics on delivery, revenue, and performance data across apps and mobile web. 

 Tap into the power of a private mobile exchange - OpenX offers RTB mobile ad trading within a private mobile exchange, offering the protection of a closed marketplace. With our private exchange: 

  • Control CPMs/set prices 
  • Sell to high-quality, named buyers 
  • Reject business that you don’t want 
  • Maintain direct buyer relationships 

Main Features

- Ad network mediation – OpenX server side mediation of third-party ad networks. 

- Video player – OpenX VAST compatible video player. 

- Video advertising – Support for video interstitials, Pre/Mid & Post roll video advertising. 

- Native advertising – Support for all IAB playbook native ad unit sizes and integration directly to the OpenX Native Exchange. 

- Supply-side OpenRTB – Support for standard OpenRTB values to enrich the data you send to buyers in the OpenX Ad Exchange. 

- Multiple ad formats – Support for interstitial ads and standard IAB/MMA banner inventory.

- Rich media ads – Support for click-to-action, Mobile Rich-media Ad Interface (MRAID), Celtra, and HTML5 ad units.

- Customization – Target multiple screen sizes and display orientations and include custom ad parameters using key-value pairs.

- Developer tools – Configure event listeners and view messages coming back from the ad server in real time. Unity 3D – An optional Unity plugin allows you to incorporate OpenX ad inventory into your Unity 3D app.

SDK for Android

  • Added support for sending OpenRTB 2.3 values to buyers on OpenX Ad Exchange 
  • Added support for Native integration via the OpenRTB dynamic native ads API

Required Permissions

  •  Internet
  •  Access_network_state
  •  Read_phone_state
  •  Access_fine_location
  •  Access_wifi_state
  •  Write_external_storage


Example A

SDK for Apple

  • Added support for sending OpenRTB 2.3 values to buyers on OpenX Ad Exchange 
  • Added support for Native integration via the OpenRTB dynamic native ads API 
  • Removed support for OpenX native ad call parameters. 
  • Enhancements to banner ad integration, including a fade duration setting 
  • Enhancements to interstitial ad integration, including support for video and a close button position setting


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