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OpenCensus is a vendor-agnostic single distribution of libraries to provide metrics collection and tracing for your services.

Metrics are any quantifiable piece of data that you would like to track, such as latency in a service or database, request content length, or number of open file descriptors. Viewing graphs of your metrics can help you understand and gauge the performance and overall quality of your application and set of services.

Traces show you how a request propagates throughout your application or set of services. Viewing graphs of your traces can help you understand the bottlenecks in your architecture by visualizing how data flows between all of your services.

SDK for Android

  • dd AttributeValueDouble to AttributeValue. 
  • Add createWithSender to JaegerTraceExporter to allow use of HttpSender 
  • with extra configurations. 
  • Add an API Functions.returnToString(). 
  • Migrate to new Stackdriver Kubernetes monitored resource. This could be a breaking change 
  • if you are using gke_container resources. For more info, 
  • Add an util artifact opencensus-contrib-dropwizard to translate Dropwizard metrics to 
  • OpenCensus. 
  • Add Gauges (DoubleGauge, LongGauge, DerivedDoubleGauge, DerivedLongGauge) APIs. 
  • Update opencensus-contrib-log-correlation-log4j2 and 
  • opencensus-contrib-log-correlation-stackdriver to match the 
  • OpenCensus log correlation spec 
  • and remove all ExperimentalApi annotations. 
  • The histogram bucket boundaries (BucketBoundaries) and values (Count and Sum) are no longer 
  • supported for negative values. The Record API drops the negative value and logs the warning. 
  • This could be a breaking change if you are recording negative value for any measure. 
  • Remove support for min/max in the stats Distribution to make it compatible with Metrics. 
  • Dependency updates.


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