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Create content for the vibrant global VR market. Get access to a range of tools, samples, and powerful SDKs to start building for mobile VR.

- Incredible global reach
- Oculus powers the Samsung Gear VR, the most widely distributed VR headset in the world. Supported by Samsung’s global distribution and marketing efforts, Gear VR is compatible with the tens of millions of Samsung GALAXY flagship smartphones, including S7, S7 edge, S6, S6 edge, S6 edge +, and Note 5.

- Powerful developer tools - Dive into an array of resources designed to accelerate your mobile VR development. Get started with out-of-the box support from Unity and Unreal Engine, in addition to our sample frameworks, scenes, and guidelines. You can also use the Oculus Mobile SDK to explore sample apps built with the Android Native Development Kit.

- Robust platform features - Create dynamic social experiences with our Platform SDK. Easily take advantage of our built-in features, including VoIP and P2P support, matchmaking, friends list, and rooms. Boost engagement with leaderboards, achievements, and in-app purchases.

SDK for Android

New Features 

  • Added support for Gear VR Controller. For more information, see VrApi Input API. 
  • Added VrController sample illustrating VrApi Input API. 

API Changes 

  • Added VrApi Input API for Gear VR Controller and Gear VR headset. For more information, see VrApi Input API. 
  • Added ovrFrameLayerFlags flag for clipping fragments outside the layer's TextureRect: VRAPI_FRAME_LAYER_FLAG_CLIP_TO_TEXTURE_RECT. 
  • Removed deprecated ovrLayerType. 
  • Removed deprecated ovrFrameFlags.



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