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RoboSpice is a modular android library that makes writing asynchronous long running tasks easy. It is specialized in network requests, supports caching and offers REST requests out-of-the box using extension modules.

Main Features

- Executes network requests asynchronously (in a background AndroidService)

- Supports REST out of the box (using Spring Android or Google Http Client or Retrofit).

- Is strongly typed ! You query webservices using POJOs as parameters and you get POJOs as request results.

- Enforces no constraints neither on POJOs used for requests nor on Activity classes you use in your projects

- Caches results in Json with both Jackson or Jackson2 or Gson, or Xml, or flat text files, or binary files, even using ORM Lite (still in beta)

- Notifies your activities (or any other context) of the result of the network request with respect to their lifecycles.

- Notifies your activities (or any other context) on the UI Thread

- No memory leaks at all, like Android Loaders, unlike Android AsyncTasks

- Uses a simple but robust exception handling model

- Supports multi-threading of request executions

- Is stable, efficient and designed to respect Android philosophy

- Supports request cancelling, request priorization and requests aggregation

SDK for Android

  • Enhanced threading model for the SpiceManager and SpiceService. Decreased priority to increase UI Thread performance and enhance user experience. 
  • Add isDataInCache and getDateOfDataInCache to spiceManager. Thx to Onyx Mueller and Mathieu Castets for suggesting this feature. 
  • BitmapRequests, SimpleTextRequests have non final methods to allow developpers to extend them 
  • SpiceList APIs have been changed to allow multiple images per cell view in a list. Thx to Andrea Altobelli for submitting the feature.

Required Permissions

  •  Internet
  •  Access_network_state


Selected Apps that use this SDK

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BlaBlaCar, Trusted Carpooling

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PagesJaunes – recherche locale

Bfjonjomlihjte2q9wlxtspmmmz2l1vl rdmudnptcickldfvvxabwolm738fqemjwqgdrdgkgorfbz – Hotel Reservation

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AVG Zen – Protect more devices

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