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MediaTek chips are at the heart of a growing family of Android devices. Use the SDK to build more differentiated apps for Android phones, with features such as multi-SIM, secure data exchange (with HotKnot), HD audio recording, and imaging enhancements for mobile phones devices powered by MediaTek chipsets.

The SDK is a set of extensions that you easily drop into the Google Android SDK. You can then code MediaTek features into your apps using the standard Eclipse IDE. And when coding is finished, test and debug your apps in the MediaTek emulator, which you can control with a customized version of Google’s Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (DDMS).

Main Features

- HotKnot wireless data transfer
- Hotknot is an innovative data and file transfer mechanism invented by MediaTek. It utilizes the physics of a capacitive touch screen to enable the exchange of data between two devices. 

- Multiple SIM

- Multimedia manipulation
- Using hardware optimization MediaTek offers you a number of image and audio processing enhancements that can offer you apps both improved performance and unique functionality.

- Multimedia capture - Gesture detection, Multi Angle View (MAV) image capture and Multi Angle View (MAV) image capture

SDK for Android

Example A

Selected Apps that use this SDK

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Facebook Pages Manager

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Facebook at Work

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Network Signal Info

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NextRadio Free Live FM Radio

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