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This MultiTouch Controller class makes it much easier to write multitouch applications for Android:

- It filters out "event noise" on Synaptics touch screens (G1, MyTouch, Nexus One) - for example, when you have two touch points down and lift just one finger, each of the ordinates X and Y can be lifted in separate touch events, meaning you get a spurious motion event (or several events) consisting of a sudden fast snap of the touch point to the other axis before the correct single touch event is generated.

- It simplifies the somewhat messy and inconsistent MotionEvent touch point API - this API has grown from handling single touch points, potentially with packaged event history (Android 1.6 and earlier) to multiple indistinguised touch points (Android 2.0) to the potential for handling multiple touch points that are kept distinct even if lower-indexed touchpoints are raised (and thus each point has an index and generates its own indexed touch-up/touch-down event). All this means there are a lot of API quirks you have to be aware of. This MultiTouch Controller class simplifies getting access to these events for applications that just want event positions and up/down status.

- The controller also supports pinch-zoom, including tracking the transformation between screen coordinates and object coordinates. It correctly centers the pinch operation about the center of the pinch (not about the center of the screen, as with most of the "Google Experience" apps that added their own pinch-zoom capability in Android-2.x). This also means that you can do a combined pinch-drag operation that will simultaneously translate and scale an object. This is the only natural way to implement pinch-zoom, and subconsciously feels much more natural than scaling about the center of the screen.

- The controller was recently updated to support pinch-rotate, allowing you to physically twist objects using two touch points on the screen. In fact all of rotate, scale and translate can be simultaneously adjusted based on relative movements of the first two touch points

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