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Increase Advertising Revenue - Lotame enables you to capture all of your first-party audience data and enrich it with insights from a global third-party data exchange. By harnessing these audience insights, you will be able to increase CPMs for both direct sold and programmatic inventory. 

Improve Advertiser Performance - Powerful analytics and optimization tools within Lotame’s DMP will enable you to increase performance against your advertisers’ specific KPIs. Increased advertiser performance will help you win more repeat business and secure increased budgets.

Build Deeper Audience Insights - Combining first- and third-party data will uncover deep insights into visitors across your digital properties. By arming your sales team with these insights, you will be able to improve RFP win-rates, attract more non-endemic advertisers and increase overall deal size.

Enable True Cross-Device Marketing - Lotame Cross-Device is a powerful tool built into our DMP that establishes links between different digital devices. By bridging the gap between cookies and mobile device IDs, you will be able to monetize more of your inventory and execute highly valuable and effective cross-device campaigns.

Increase Stickiness Across Your Digital Properties - Integrating audience data from the Lotame platform within your content management system will enable you to deliver more customized editorial experiences. This custom content will increase the time consumers spend on your sites and apps, drive more repeat visits and create more advertising opportunities.

SDK for Android

Selected Apps that use this SDK

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The Hindu News (Official app)

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iHeartRadio - Radio & Music

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Hindustan Times

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Gaana: Bollywood & Hindi Songs

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WeatherBug - Forecast & Radar

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