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Track any event: signups, upgrades, impressions, purchases, powerups, errors, shares… Use Keen IO to embed analytics in your site or white label analytics for your customers. Keen IO is your new, lovingly crafted, massively scalable, event data backend in the cloud.

Main Features

- Email Analytics - Keep users engaged and increase purchases by measuring open rates, click-throughs, attribution, and more. 

- Video Analytics - Get granular analysis on plays, time spent, starts, stops, shares, and repeats to understand what resonates most. 

- Product Analytics - Measure engagement, features, cohorts, funnels, LTV - all the data you need to build the best products possible. 

- Sensor Analytics - How fast? How hot? How active? How bright? If your connected device can detect it, Keen can analyze it. 

- Growth Analytics - Drive user acquisition and product adoption by tracking conversion, referrals, and attributions with real-time KPIs. 

- Revenue Analytics - Evaluate revenue growth, sales performance, ARR, MRR, and repeat purchase rate for all your users. 

- Advertising Analytics - Monitor ad performance to optimize campaigns by evaluating impressions, CTRs, spend, and deliverability.

SDK for Android

  • Fixed bug which caused crash in Google App Engine 
  • Added alpha version of query support

Required Permissions

  •  Internet


Example A

SDK for Apple

  • Updated Swift example project to conform with new Swift 2 syntax. Also added the timeframe parameter to all queries in example projects to conform with Keen query requirements. 
  • Updated project properties using Xcode's recommended settings: "Build Settings" to Standard architectures, "Product Bundle Identifier", and "Enable Testability". 
  • Updated project settings for Objective-C and Swift sample apps. 
  • Updated OCMock to v3.2.1.


Example A

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