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KSCrash is an iOS Crash Reporter

Main Features

  • On-device symbolication in a way that supports re-symbolication offline (necessary for iOS versions where many functions have been redacted). 
  • Generates full Apple reports, with every field filled in. 
  • 32-bit and 64-bit mode. 
  • Handles errors that can only be caught at the mach level, such as stack overflow. 
  • Tracks the REAL cause of an uncaught C++ exception. 
  • Handles a crash in the crash handler itself (or in the user crash handler callback). 
  • Detects zombie (deallocated) object access attempts. 
  • Recovers lost NSException messages in cases of zombies or memory corruption. 
  • Introspects objects in registers and on the stack (C strings and Objective-C objects, including ivars). 
  • Extracts information about objects referenced by an exception (such as "unrecognized selector sent to instance 0xa26d9a0") 
  • Its pluggable server reporting architecture makes it easy to adapt to any API service. 
  • Dumps the stack contents. 
  • Diagnoses crash causes (Crash Doctor). 
  • Records lots of information beyond what the Apple crash report can, in a JSON format. 
  • Supports including extra data that the programmer supplies (before and during a crash).

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