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The best IOS Swift calendar library on github

The Problem

1. Apple has no calendar control.

2. Other calendar projects on Github try to cram every feature into their control, hoping it will meet the programmer's requirements.

This is an incorrect way to build controls. It leaves the developer with an extremely wide selection of (in many cases non-conventional) features that he has to sift through in order to configure the calendar. Also, no matter how wide the feature selection, the developer is always restricted to a predefined configuration-set shipped with the calendarControl.

The Solution: JTAppleCalendar

This library behaves exactly like a UITableView control. If you know how to use it, then you already know how to use this library. Examples of what developers have built with this library can be found here -> (feel free to add your own)

A detailed tutorial of how to get things started can be found here ->

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Main Features

[x] Boundary dates - limit the calendar date range

[x] Week/month mode - show 1 row of weekdays. Or 2, 3 or 6

[x] Custom cells - make your day-cells look however you want, with any functionality you want

[x] Custom calendar view - make your calendar look however you want, with what ever functionality you want

[x] First Day of week - pick anyday to be first day of the week

[x] Horizontal or vertical mode

[x] Ability to add month headers in varying sizes/styles of your liking

[x] Ability to scroll to any month by simply using the date

[x] Ability to design your calendar however you want. You want it, you build it

[ ] Range selection - this feature is on the way.

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