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A fundamentally new way to communicate with your customers

One integrated platform for product feedback, marketing, and support. See who your users are, and what they’re doing in your app. From the minute you install Intercom you’ll see who your users are, and you can track anything they do in your app. 

Encourage action with targeted in-app and email messages, triggered by time or behavior. Create and send rich in-app and email campaigns in minutes.

Understand why people use certain features, why they don’t, and why some stop using your app altogether.

Give users a better experience by making it easy to get help.

Main Features

Live data & filters - With live data you can apply filters to answer questions about your users, like what actions they do or don't take.

User segments - Intercom automatically segments users by who's new, active, or slipping away. You can create your own custom segments too.

Rich profiles - Get a complete picture of every user with profiles that are always up-to-date with location, activity, anything.

Onboard - Send targeted messages that show users how to get the most out of your app.

Retain - Use push notifications to make announcements and keep users active.

Re-engage - Automatically email inactive users to bring them back to your app.

Ask the right users - Start targeted conversations with users based on who they are and what they do in your app.

Use lightweight replies - Make it easy for users to give feedback on your latest release, features, and more.

Learn why users churn - Automatically email users when they stop using your app to learn why.

Let users ask for help - Put the Messenger anywhere in your app so users can ask for help where they need it.

Push your response - Push notifications let users know when you reply, even if they close your app.

Email as backup - Your response will go to your user’s email inbox if your message goes unread.

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