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The Ingenico Connect SDK provides a convenient way to support a large number of payment methods inside your app.

Main Features

- convenient Java wrappers for API responses

- caching of payment product logos and caching of images used to offer additional information about payment products

- localization of various labels and messages

- user-friendly formatting of payment data such as card numbers and expiry dates

- A check to determine to which payment provider a card number is associated, and handling of all the details concerning the encryption of payment details

SDK for Android

  • Added methods to class GcUtil to replace deprecated methods: 
  • getMetadata method that takes a Context, appIdentifier and ipAdress parameter in order to make it possible to add an app-identifier in the metadata. 
  • getBase64EncodedMetadata method that takes a Context and appIdentifier. 
  • getBase64EncodedMetadata method that takes a Context, appIdentifier and ipAdress. 
  • Added a constructor to class C2sCommunicatorConfiguration that has additional appIdentifier and ipAddress parameters. These parameters will be used to provide application information to the GlobalCollect platform when doing requests. 
  • Added static methods to class C2sCommunicatorConfiguration to replace deprecated methods: 
  • initWithClientSessionId method that takes an extra parameter: appIdentifier. 
  • initWithClientSessionId method that takes two extra parameters: appIdentifier and ipAdress. 
  • Added getters for environment, appIdentifier and ipAdress in class C2sCommunicatorConfiguration. 
  • Added a constructor to class GcSessionEncryptionHelper that takes a map of metadata insetad of a Context from which this metadata was previously constructed.

Required Permissions

  •  Internet
  •  Access_network_state


Example A

SDK for Apple

  • Added classes GCBasicPaymentItems, GCBasicPaymentProductGroup, GCBasicPaymentProductGroups, GCPaymentProductGroup and protocols GCBasicPaymentItem and GCPaymentItem to support handling of PaymentProducts and PaymentProductGroups. 
  • Added and changed classes GCBasicPaymentProductConverter, GCBasicPaymentProductGroupConverter, GCBasicPaymentProductsConverter, GCPaymentItemConverter, GCPaymentProductGroupConverter, GCPaymentProductGroupsConverter, GCC2SPaymentProductContextConverter, GCIINDetailsResponseConverter to support JSON conversion of the new classes. 
  • Added methods to GCC2SCommunicator to support retrieval of PaymentProductGroups. 
  • Added GCAmountOfMoney class. 
  • Added properties to GCIINDetailsResponse to support new, more detailed, response. 
  • Added GCIINDetail class that represent a cobrand in the GCIINDetailsResponse. 
  • Added GCValidationErrorAllowed, a new validation error type. 
  • Added GCExistingButNotAllowed to enum GCIINStatus.


Selected Apps that use this SDK



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Pizza Hotline

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Water Street Coffee Joint

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