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Inapptics visualizes what users do in your mobile app

Inapptics aggregates all user interaction events and turns them into simple visual flows and heat maps, where you see the actions users perform on each screen, where they tap and how they navigate in the app.

As we collect all the user interaction data, Inapptics automatically detects crashes and replays the steps that led to the crash. It also provides suggestions on how to fix them.

Main Features

Screen flows

See the actions users perform on each screen, where they tap and how they navigate within your app.


Know where users are tapping on each screen. Understand their browsing habits and improve conversion.

Visual funnels

See what percentage of your app users reach the goal. Discover the navigation paths your users take instead of reaching the goal.

Crash replays

Reproduce any crash with just one click and solve even the tiniest bugs that are causing your users to leave your app.

One-line integration

Our SDK integration requires just a single line of code. No manual event tracking. No impact on your app’s performance.

Realtime analytics

Once your app is connected and online, you will start seeing audience engagement and actual user behavior.

SDK for Apple

Minor bugfixes and performance improvements


Selected Apps that use this SDK

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