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Powerful app discovery platform

100% native platform for mobile app developers to promote their apps, grow users, and boost revenue.

After integrating the Xplode SDK, you’ll have access to the Xplode Dashboard, the cross-promotion app discovery grid, and the option to monetize with app recommendations. 

Main Features

- 100% native - Designed for touch and powerful performance, Xplode SDK is fully native, meaning our products run faster and have a better look-and-feel than other counterparts. Users encounter smooth transitions and interactions – ultimately creating an experience that feels natural for the mobile platform.

- Xplode SDK is completely open. You can connect to apps which are not integrated with Xplode.

- It allows users to experience smooth transitions, natural interactions, and expected mobile behaviors. Equipped with a single-tap app launcher, the cross-promotion app discovery grid allows users to open apps directly from the unit while simultaneously driving re-engagement for users who have already installed some of your other apps. 

- sleek, full-page app recommendations reward user action by showcasing great apps from our network of high-quality app developers. Equipped with advanced features such as a slideshow function, timer, and animated buttons, they are optimized to ensure maximum user engagement

SDK for Android

Required Permissions

  •  Internet
  •  Access_network_state


Example A

SDK for Apple

  • Deprecated the app Handle and app secret. Instead, organization secret is now used (Organization secret is identical for all apps in the same organization) 
  • Added predefined breakpoints which are called automatically on app start and when app enters foreground (configurable on the Xplode site) 
  •  Affiliate links. Users can now be rewarded for sharing your app with a friend (BETA feature)


Example A

Selected Apps that use this SDK

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Survival Run with Bear Grylls


Fruit Pop!


BabyFirst Video Educational TV

Olepps luejyu3gbft5pqxj7ubky1maivawyb75gpphbi0gbv00 csataxyqxxjafo8wplebfxzc985b

Wolfify - Be a Werewolf


Snowman Adventures

Eog2we3vkug8oyxywsv5rta1o6c0tdnxpkatqqddabwwclejjptioqfrdqcvmi o5m osjxf4vjk98sx

Face Swap!

Bi alahcplzcmyylf  pgjxyrrw9a dxgeevkdnphnb5ipwaqrfy8cfa4hw3nk21bgl zhgea18lmbmc

Sunset Live Wallpaper

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