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Increase your app store ratings, improve customer experience and deliver good apps by tracking what is important.

- AppPulse Mobile lets you know how your users really experience your app — from the moment they tap, swipe, or stretch until their UI has finished. Know what they did and what happened. 

- Identify problems that affect most users or critical functionality and allow your developers to focus on solving issues quickly. 

- Actionable information that allows you to collaborate with your developers and improve customer experience.

Main Features

- FunDex - FunDex delivers a unique mobile user experience benchmark index. It's an easy to understand score that takes into account each negative application occurrence such as crashes and slow actions. Combining all of the key data points provides you with a great way to determine where you can improve performance and how happy your users are with your mobile application. 

- No code changes, tagless - Implementing AppPulse Mobile is an extremely simple process. You don't need to change code or add any tags so your release cycles can stay on track. 

- Crash analytics - Detailed data and crash analytics provide you the information needed to improve your application stability and avoid crashes in the future. From the action users performed to the OS version used, all you have left to do is to make sure it gets fixed.

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