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GameSparks is a cloud-based platform for games developers to help them build the server-side features of their games and then manage their games as a service post launch. 

Main Features

- Social & Multiplayer - Friends, leaderboards, chat, and the full range of multiplayer options, including highly performant Realtime. Teams, tournaments, lobbies and matchmaking all included.

- Meta-Game & Economies - Currencies, virtual goods, trading and achievement systems. With catalogue management, IAP and fraud detection.

- Custom Backoffice - Design custom control panels for each role within your team, with any combination of information and controls.

- Flexibility and PaaS - All features are fully customisable. Plus access to a fully featured PaaS layer allowing creation of custom API and server logic, plus database-as-a-service and more.

- Stress-Free Scaling - Dynamically scalable cloud-based capacity from all the major providers combined with high quality infrastructure management. Design your solution for dedicated clusters, region deployment and premium SLA.

- Enterprise-Level Experience - Top class support, plus tools such as test harness, versioning & publishing workflows, and roles & access control.

- Player Management - Full, customisable access to player history and summaries, and flexible communication to those players via multiple channels.

- Segmentation & Analytics - Create custom segments and assign players automatically to them with rules. Sophisticated analytics, including A/B testing, delivers tracking of segment performance.

- Campaigns & Marketing Automation - Operate specific engagement strategies for each segment, with a suite of messaging, promotions and campaign tools.

- Game Configuration by Segment - Adapt the play experience for each segment, with control of any parameter that is made server-authoritative.

- Live Events - Create full backoffice solutions to operate live events and weekend/seasonal promotions.

SDK for Android

Required Permissions

  •  Internet
  •  Access_network_state
  •  Write_external_storage


Example A

SDK for Apple

Example A

Selected Apps that use this SDK

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Daily Solitaire: Poker Legend

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SPORTEO Sport Team Management

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