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Flowsense connects signals from mobile applications to the real world, collecting dynamic data for smarter geolocation analysis. Mobile apps are where we are, and where we are, reveals a lot about our consumer preferences.

The behavior of consumers in the real world turns into georeferenced data that enhance the understanding of their habits by companies. These data are converted back into behaviors in the physical world through the engagement and assertiveness of communication. This scenario promotes a much deeper relationship between businesses and consumers.

Main Features

- Applicability - Flowsense technology exists to be applicable, converting data into useful information for companies. The analytical capacity for data science and the treatment of the big data, with proprietary algorithms, is associated with the practical results of these analysis in terms of detailed segmentation and exclusive consumer engagement. Flowsense also uses machine learning algorithms to streamline the measurement of consumer visits to staging points.

- Origin of data - Flowsense's data comes from the anonymous location of consumers from GPS data on mobile devices. Access to this data is possible through partnerships with applications via SDK, embedded code or API integrations. Socio-demographic databases and credible sources are also used.

- Dynamicity - Flowsense generates dynamic information based on the location of consumers from real-time data. Dynamic data allows the reading of consumer behavior, increasing the company's knowledge about them. By knowing their consumption habits, companies can customize engagement by profile, location, and timing. In other words, dynamic localization allows detailed segmentation (granularity of data), increasing the precision of consumer engagement by the company.

- Customization - Flowsense tools consume data from any mobile system and you can customize the delivery method: dashboard, heat map with filters, raw data, integrations via API and webhook. We also offer on-demand analysis, being able to use our data and labels or customize the platform with data more appropriate to the reality of your business. Flowsense brings yet another dimension of knowledge about your consumer, and you can add it to your CRM.

SDK for Android

Required Permissions

  •  Access_fine_location
  •  Access_coarse_location


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