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Integrate a wide range of mapping and GIS capabilities online or offline, including editing, geocoding, routing, and data visualization.

Main Features

- Location Services - Supercharge your applications with context, routing and location-based alerts. Add even more power to your apps with civic and demographic data.

- Mapping - Create phenomenal maps using the ArcGIS APIs and SDK, visualize your data in new ways with advanced built in rendering capabilities, and tap into a rich library of content with your subscription.

- Data Management - Host and manage your spatial data in the ArcGIS Platform

- Analysis - Data analysis sits at the heart of the ArcGIS Platform. Perform analysis against your own data or access hosted tools to analyze data from Esri.

SDK for Android

  •  Adding an offline geodatabase content to a map does not display the label of a feature class if the label is in the Chinese language. 
  • The Location Display Manager stops updating the phone's current location on the map if the accuracy of the incoming coordinate is much less accurate than the previous coordinate. 
  • The LocationDisplayManager class shows an obviously bigger GPS indicator on Motorola Droid Turbo. 
  • The service has new properties that enable developers to tailor suggest results to specific areas making suggest results more meaningful. Country code and location, geometry, and distance are now honored as suggest parameters. 
  • This fix for the PortalInfo print service parsing allows a web map to open from an organization when the print service is not set as esri default on the org.

Required Permissions

  •  Internet
  •  Access_fine_location
  •  Write_external_storage


SDK for Apple

  • Fixes a crash when downloading sync-enabled geodatabases from hosted and on-premises Feature services. 
  • Fixes a crash occasionally seen on iOS 8 simulator. 
  • Improves performance and robustness of making network requests. 
  • Provides ability to filter the features displayed from a runtime geodatabase using definitionExpression on AGSFeatureTableLayer. 
  • Supports generating sync-enabled geodatabases from Feature services using versioned data from enterprise geodatabases. 
  • Supports editor tracking and ownership-based access control with sync-enabled geodatabases even when the device has no network connectivity.


Selected Apps that use this SDK

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