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User Hook helps app developers gain user trust, increase retention and encourage re-engagement.

User Hook is a tool for mobile app developers to help connect with their users and increase user engagement. By including a small library into your mobile app, User Hook tracks user sessions and allows the app owner to target users with actions and messaging intended to increase the trust between app user and app owner.

Main Features

Increasing User Retention

A problem faced by all mobile app developers is how to retain users and have them regularly interact with your app. User Hook approaches this problem by providing developers tools to help create a trusted relationship between the app user and app developer.

These tools include:

  • Hook Points
  • Threaded Feedback
  • In-App Surveys
  • Rate This App Prompts
  • Custom Actions
  • Static Pages

Increasing User Re-engagement

Out of sight, out of mind is a common problem for mobile apps. Users have many apps installed on their mobile device and often forget about the value that your app brings. Push notifications are an easy way to remind users about your app and encourage them to re-engage.

User Hook provides the following push notification tools:

  • Push Campaigns
  • Push Points

Targeting Users

Getting the right message to the right users is essential to any marketing plan. Do you want to ask all iOS users who have used the app 5 times to leave a review in iTunes? User Hook can do that. What if you want to entice all Android users who have purchased your “Mega Gun” to also purchase the “Super-Mega Gun”? User Hook can do that too.

Through the use of User Hook’s advanced user targeting functionality, you can segment your users and send them the appropriate messaging at the time when it matters most.

SDK for Android
Public release of User Hook SDK

Required Permissions

  •  Internet


SDK for Apple

Public release of User Hook SDK


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