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real-time, detailed crash reports for mobile apps

Crashlytics delivers deep, rich crash reporting across devices in real-­time. Crashlytics performs a detailed analysis of every thread on every Android device to identify the most important issues.

Main Features

Defragmented - condensing crashes from thousands of Android devices in one robus report. 

Cupture what you need in real-time:

1. Uncaught exception reporting - When your app throws an uncaught exception, Crashlytics quickly records the stack trace and state of the device at the time the exception was thrown and sends the crash information to our servers for processing. You get complete visibility for every crash, effortlessly.

2. Caught exception reporting - Crashlytics isn't just for uncaught exceptions. Adding a single line of code in your catch block will report caught exceptions to Crashlytics for processing, and you are still free to handle the exception however is best for your users. You get the full stack trace and all the same device information we collect for fatal crashes, so you can identify and fix bugs even if your app doesn't crash.

3. Fully automated deobfuscation - We automate deobfuscation of ProGuarded stack traces for apps built using our ant tools, maven tools or IDE plugins. We did the legwork for you. Built into your existing workflow, our SDK will have negligible impact on your app.

The Crashlytics SDK has a high information fidelity:

The Crashlytics SDK uses a multi-­step process to analyze your crashes and automatically deobfuscates stack traces. 

Once a crash report makes it into our system, stack frames are then re-­processed against your application’s mapping file that was automatically uploaded to our servers at build time.

This process, coupled with the advanced aggregation algorithms, provides the highest information fidelity available.

File handling code extremely defensive, so parsing cache files can’t crash unexpectedly.

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hellootto21 Nov, 2018Report offensive

Useful to figure out what happened

Great debug tool.

Mike18 Jul, 2018Report offensive

best crash report service

amazing insights into what crashes are happening and it's FREE! event works with ndk, seemlessly

Audrey Troutt30 Sep, 2016Report offensive

Couldn't live without crashlytics

Both as an app developer and an SDK developer I've come to depend on crashlytics excellent reporting. This is by far the clearest, most searchable and most actionable error logging in the industry AND IT'S FREE. I use it for iOS and Android.


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