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Provides an AdapterWrapper, a simple wrapper class that, by default, delegates all ListAdapter methods to a wrapped ListAdapter. The idea is that you can extend AdapterWrapper and only override certain ListAdapter methods, with the rest handled via the wrapped adapter.

Android comes with a few "wrapper" classes, like CursorWrapper, that make it relatively easy for you to add just a bit of functionality to an existing object. The wrapper delegates all behaviors to the wrapped object; you just override the specific behaviors you need. This works well in cases where there are many possible underlying implementations, so you could not robustly accomplish these ends by subclassing.

Android lacks such a wrapper for ListAdapter, though. There is a WrappedListAdapter entry in the SDK, but it is an interface, not an implementation. 

So, CWAC offers an AdapterWrapper to fill this void.

Extend AdapterWrapper and override whatever adapter-related methods you wish. By default, all adapter methods delegate to the wrapped adapter. Your code can get at the wrapped adapter by calling getWrappedAdapter().

SDK for Android

updated for Android Studio 1.0


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