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Empowering Play

Chartboost Video delivers the impact, transparency and intelligence for developers to build strong player connections and create monetization opportunities

Main Features

As a developer, you need to understand everything that goes on inside your app. With Chartboost you can see everything that happens in your game: who are you promoting, where your promotions are running, and how each game is performing. No black boxes.

You choose where, when, and how your inventory will be used. It's easy to filter out categories or games you don't want to show. You can switch between cross promoting your apps, or your direct deals, or earning network money at any time.

User Experience
We're game developers too and understand that user experience is the #1 priority. Thats why we only promote games inside of other games with a customizable interstitial that looks and feels like your game.
Cross Promotion
Beautiful experience
We make it easy for you to customize your interstitial and make the frame look and feel exactly like your game. This native experience makes the game promotion feel more like a suggestion and less like an ad.

We automatically exclude users who have already downloaded your games, and let you target per country, device, OS, wifi only and any custom segments you might have.

You can turn campaigns on or off on the dashboard in real time. You can also easily switch between cross promotion, direct deals and network campaigns, or run them together with different priorities.

Direct Deals
You are the center of our world and we want to give you control. If you want to do a deal directly with another game developer, we'll let you use our technology for that, and we will make the process seamless and transparent.

Cut The Middleman
You can keep 100% of the revenue on your direct deals. Or we can help you process payments for a 10% fee. You can also use our technology to give traffic to your friends for free anytime.

Using Chartboost you'll see what games are the best fit for your players. We are the only 100% transparent network where you can see who you are interacting with and how much each game pays and how it performs.

Game Network
Quality Users
We only show promotions to active gamers, leading to high quality downloads. Full transparency allows you to optimize your campaign for the highest value gamers. No incentivized behavior.

More Money
Our network is completely opt-in and will help you make more money without extra effort. We give you full control over when, where, and how often promotions are shown in your game. You are in control.

Data and APIs
Data gives you the power to make better decisions. We give you access to all the detail you need to find the best users for your games and close the loop on how much money they spend.

Interstitial & Rewarded Video
Layer in high-quality video to provide players with the best in-game interstitial experience or reward them with virtual currency or in-game items.

Free Video Technology
The industry's first games-only video technology for developers to cross-promote their own titles or use in the Direct Deal Marketplace, completely free!

Custom Experience
Incorporate a video into a custom frame that matches the look and feel of the gameplay and fits the native environment of the game.

Smart Delivery
High-quality HD video for increased reliability and caching for instant playback.
SDK for Android

Invalid server responses no longer accepted as valid.

Required Permissions

  •  Internet
  •  Access_network_state

Optional Permissions

  •  Read_phone_state
  •  Access_wifi_state
  •  Write_external_storage


Example A

SDK for Apple

iOS 6 is no longer supported. iOS 7.0 is the minimum supported iOS Version.


Example A

Selected Apps that use this SDK

Zdlpk6zrdaspia6tqdbzer qco9 eifviyak9zbatpnpls5pn6lwods1cg nfhkttnwtwlwuaooisd2u

Talking Tom Cat

Qfb5hyrbiqkqrzcj5xsd7nordux2tm7yjdhzre3ywot09tmw843z03sb9tx6pdfxmgj1056si 85nsve

Ant Smasher, Best Free Game

Cypbriaeki595nc25ke6qrbkd0sty8l6u3bsav43scfbna657akyc5ccyqznpo6niahez3 dqe85kp9p

Flow Free

L9xhl1vn6nhzrvyi4qfqoa7dtsivqda9eqseugpjlc1geocvmxnispse8k886px2nd05oj9rhit8 9nh

Hungry Shark Evolution

Mbmfla 7pzispo423ptoc27yptshtj5jjh9 ozx7xozzlvzqwucmkvhnldlmr9rzz a0c2k kb6csntn

Ice Age Village

Siyqjxuba3yukfb0u5sdqbtjer3k7 9bylz0a bn6ffzxik6ulrwfws1t4sh0ckbpwpmtpzkiixsoe73

8 Ball Pool

8lojeby5smjq tpzu fpw6fecgiu0na8b6nnwop7hb yjt4pk40nryfy7 cdvt9dhhwqfzj7lt15l5ny

Angry Gran Run - Running Game

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moshtera03 May, 2016Report offensive

looks good, start work with the SDK

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Great Ad Network

Up there with the easiest networks to integrate

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Great SDK


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