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Calldorado is a Caller ID SDK. Enrich your Android app feature set with free Caller ID in your app’s look and feel – an app monetization feature which supports all Android devices. Caller ID shows call information after a user makes or receives a call.

Increase user engagement by deep-linking directly to your app or game from every Caller ID screen. Extend the lifetime value of your app – customize the Engagement Field with a special message (e.g. your logo, text, images) and link to a specific feature or level in your app or game.

Boost your Android app revenue from ads that appear at the end of every call as a part of the Caller ID screen. This way you can monetize your entire user-base and extend the lifetime value of your users – both the active and inactive.

SDK for Android

Selected Apps that use this SDK

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Messenger - SMS, MMS App

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Scientific Calculator

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Exploration Pro

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Photo Deformer

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Flower Clock Live Wallpaper

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Keyboard - Emoji, Emoticons

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Emoji Keyboard-Cute & Colorful

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