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The buddybuild SDK unlocks a suite of features designed to give you crystal clear insight into users’ interactions with your app.

The SDK includes a graphical feedback reporter, a crash reporting and analysis tool, automatic app updating and usage tracking. The SDK is regularly updated with new features.

Main Features

- Feedback Reporter - With buddybuild, you simply take a screenshot to share feedback. Our feedback reporter sends graphically annotated screenshots, feedback notes and device metadata to your team. Integrate with GitHub, JIRA and Pivotal Tracker to track feedback as issues. 

- Instant Replay - No more emailing testers for repro steps. Along with each crash report, buddybuild will also attach a 15 second video of your testers' interactions with your App’s UI right up to the point where it crashed — allowing you to instantly see what they did to cause a crash. 

- Automatic Update - Receiving feedback on old builds is pointless — you’ve probably already fixed the issue you’ve received feedback on! It is crucial to keep your testers and beta users updated on the very latest builds. If a newer build is available, the buddybuild SDK can automatically prompt to install the latest version of your app. 

- Usage Tracking - Know when your testers download and launch your app in real time. Identify who tested your app, when they launched it and what version they tested. Correlate this with feedback and crash reports to understand your customers' experience. 

SDK for Android

Required Permissions

  •  Internet
  •  Read_logs


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